Kimbrough and Company has been cleaning gutters since 1985 and over the years has become known as Metro Detroit’s premier gutter cleaning service.  It’s owned by Craig Kimbrough who personally makes a point to oversee most, if not all of the jobs done.  “I can be picky about my work and I’ve discovered if I’m happy with the work we did so is the customer”. (Craig Kimbrough)


One of our customers told his sister in law I don’t care who you are using, you have to get Kimbrough they are the best in the business.  She replied “I know that’s who I use right now.”  The interesting and wonderful thing is we hear stories like this all the time.


Here are some more of the complements we often hear about our service:

  • “Your guys are always so nice and polite.”

  • “That’s why we always get you. We know you are honest and we know you do good work”

  • “I saw how you cleaned up afterwards. I don’t care who else comes out here they won’t do the job like you will.”

  • “I tried someone else once, they didn’t clean the spouts, they didn’t blow off the roof, and clean up well, it just was not the same.”

At Kimbrough and Company, gutter cleaning includes: 

Cleaning out and flushing gutters and downspouts

Replacing loose gutter spikes

Roof blowing

And the quality you’ve grown to trust over the years.

We also let you know about any problems we notice with the gutter system

Interested in gutter cleaning or more information?  Give us a call at 248-557-2460 or email us at


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