Want to Brighten up your home?

Want to make your house patio or deck look like new?

If you have moss, stains, or dirt, on your siding, brick, walkway, or driveway, or just want to brighten the place, give us a call.  We will be happy to take care of your pressure washing needs.  We have been providing this service consistently for about 8 years now and will be happy to come out and provide you with a free estimate.

“Here’s what customers’s are saying:”

“My back yard looks like a different place”

“I have to tell you guys,  I am really pleased, I love my new patio”

“Man the house does really look brighter, who would have ever thought power washing would make such a difference”

“It did cost a little bit more than the guy I was using before you, but you guys did such a great job last time, and it held up for a good long time.  This is why I want you to do my deck again”

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PRESSURE WASHING.  CALL 248-557-2460 OR EMAIL kimbroughandco@gmail.com